Covering Your Language Needs


Cover Language provides translations in English and Dutch. As a certified translator with an MA in translation and a specialisation in translating legal texts, I gained experience translating websites, payment platforms and a variety of legal documents.

Covering your language needs

Language is at the core of this business, I can be your trusted partner in the following areas:

  • Translation in English and Dutch
  • Certified translations in English and Dutch
  • Rush translations
  • Proofreading
  • Language training

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Smart and Human

All translations are conducted by humans. Machine translations have proven their value, but people are still better at finding little misunderstandings that may arise in cross cultural communication.

Cover Language is aware of the world of today, that is why most of the work takes place online. This allows fast and easy communication and borders do not provide boundaries anymore. Our clients can be found in New York as well as New Zealand and I will do my best to work with the office hours in different time zones.


Cover Language supports the environment and therefore prints certified translations on FSC approved paper.


About Janina

I am an interpreter and certified translator of English and Dutch based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

I have a master in translation  with a specialisation in legal translation and I am registered in the database of certified translators in the Netherlands Wbtv nr: 10071.

Growing up English has always played a key role in my life. It started with my mother’s extended family in England, but it wasn’t until 1999 while spending a summer on my own in Australia when my passion for the language sparked into the flame it is now.


Cover Language offers several language services

Interpretation in English and Dutch

I am a conference interpreter and I have been sworn in as an interpreter by the District Court of Rotterdam.

  • Conference interpretation
  • Interpretation during meetings
  • Interpretation at notary public
  • Certified interpretation services

Interpretation can be offered live or online. For online interpretation I work with the following platforms:

  • Zoom – with or without interpretation feature
  • Kudo
  • Voiceboxer

Translation in English and Dutch

Cover Language offers translations both in English and in Dutch. I have a degree in translation of both language pairs and I have gained experience translating texts in these pairs over the past years.

Certified translations in English and Dutch

If you need a translation of official documents, I can guide you through that process. I am a certified translator sworn in by the District Court of Rotterdam and registered in the Dutch database of certified translators Wbtv nr 10071. The translated document will meet all necessary requirements set up for certified translations. I only use insured mail services when returning your documents.

Rush translations

When time is of the essence Cover Language offers rush translations without loss of quality. Your rush job, depending on the type of text, can be finished within 48h. Given that certified translations need to be delivered in hard copy I do not offer rush services for them.


If you have an English or Dutch text you would like to have proofread or edited I can provide help with that as well. As a translator and a teacher I have a keen eye for flaws or mistakes and will help you improve your text to get the message across the way you intended it to.

Language training

Having over a decade of experience teaching English at all levels and being acquainted with both business and legal language, I will be able to bring your knowledge of English to the desired level. Training can take place in person or remote over Skype.


You can contact me or request a quote by sending an email to: